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Can be found at Internet Radio. I also listen to Recording of Books.

C Programs

Watch for hash code changes in your files using the mean, green guard dog from the Scottish Highlands! CirSith Download "CirSith" to check file hashes. This program should build on any Unix-like OS.

2) Are you fed up with phrases like "now is the the time" in your reports? Download nothethe, a program to look for repeated words in a file. I have tried this on flat ASCII and TeX files, but it probably works on other formats as well.

3) Program to Step Through Rooted Unlabeled Trees

Java Programs

Program to Compute Secure Hash Function (SHA1)

Math Papers

Math Minds in Motion Marshall W. Buck's series of math problems and puzzlers suitable for elemenatry school students and beyond

Cyclic Bases Orders(Opposing Chevron Problem)

Doug Wiedemann's PhD Thesis on Hamming Geometry

I like this paper because is discusses a nice problem and it provides a good example of Chernoff tilting and eventually goes a bit beyond the standard central limit theorem stuff. A Simple Search Problem, Marshall Buck and Doug Wiedemann, IDA-CRD Working Paper 765, June 1984.

Difference Coverings and a Sequence Problem, W.H. Mills and D.H. Wiedemann, August 1987.

How Euler Proved the Pentagonal Expansion, D.H. Wiedemann


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